libsrevenge (libsrevenge) wrote in libraries,

Programming Help! :-)

Hello, I have recently been assigned to two libraries and am somehow supposed to serve two communities on a part time basis that requires full time work. This leaves me with very large and angry headaches. Anyhooo, I am looking for some tween/teen programming ideas that anyone has found successful that involve food, games, random odds and ends. I have a fairly substantial list myself but I am used to working with small children. I have to submit a reasoning on why my manager needs me to be available full time. So I am writing out a months worth of programs that can be presented to the age groups of 8-18yrs. Then of course the how, why, cost blah blah blah.

The other, important part of this is that one of the libraries I work at has an underserved community and is in a bad part of town. We are looking at programs to keep these kids engaged and out of trouble. So any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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