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Please help a MLIS student out!

Hi everyone,

I'm a MLIS student at Drexel University, and I'm taking a Web Design course this summer. For my final project, I need to design a web site for a library-related organization. I'm new to the field, and also new to Philly, so I don't really know many people whom I can ask. (The organization whose website I design doesn't have to be in Philly; we can communicate via email.)

Does anyone know of any libraries OR library-related organizations who are in need of website design? I can't promise it will be an *awesome* website, since I am still learning, but I'll do my best.

Please comment here or send me an email at cmc436 at

Thanks for your help!
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Are you a member of any professional organizations? Lots of ALA divisions, committees, sub-committees, etc. are on the constant look out for web designers. You could also see if any of the local public libraries have friends groups needing a new website.
Your mentioning professional organizations really jogged my mind. The only one I'm active in thus far is Drexel's chapter of the SLA, and I put the word out to their listserv. I got several emails back within several hours.

I also emailed the people at the Philadelphia Free Library, who told me about an organization I should contact.

Thanks for your help!
Just library-related organizations, or libraries as well? You could probably find a rural library that doesn't have a website and would love a free redesign. Maybe try posting on a rural libraries listserv?
*or would love a free redesign
Libraries OR related organizations! Thanks for making me clarify that; I'll update the post to reflect that.

I love the idea of using a rural-libraries listserv. Thank you!
I've sent this on to a librarian I know whose library is looking for a redesign on their website.
Thank you for your help! I really appreciate it.

I might have a tentative client, but I'm still kind of open.