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What is a good way to display your new display books when you've many pending ones ?

What is a good way to display your new display books when you've many pending ones ?
Currently, the library I'm working can display about 30 books on the new books display shelves.
The problem is the library still have about 100 - 120 books pending from "backlog" which are still not displayed on the new books display shelves. 
It can be tough to replace all the 30 books per week since certain times, new book arrivals do not come on certain weeks or the number of books are very minimal. 
Additionally, the new display books shelves needs to be fully occupied (must display 30 books) and must never be empty, unless a library patron has borrowed it so we can see that the specific book has been borrowed.
Can someone share with me their experiences in handling such scenarios and/or how your library handles new book displays. 
If you have photos of your library displays, please post it here.

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Our "new books" display is a tall rolling cart. Up top it has an angled display area so you can lay books with their covers showing. It's angled like the top of a podium would be, if that makes sense. It has a sign (made by us) atop that that says something like "check out our new books!" or something similar. Then under all that, there are 3 regular shelves where we just shelves new books as normal. That way you don't have to display each book, but people are still drawn to the display by the top area and peruse the books below.

We also certainly don't try to put up new ones every week! We just pop the new ones on there as they come in, and transition the older ones into regular shelving as we run out of space or they stop being as popular.
We get a ton of money at the end of the fiscal year and therefore way more books than we can display in our regular new books area. When it happens, we usually just add a few more display areas and choose books that look more interesting/popular subject/etc. When (at the beginning of the fiscal year) we have no money to buy new books, we recycle them back onto the display by pulling newish ones off the shelving cart when they get checked back in.

Having worked front of store in a big box bookstore for a while, as long as the display is neat, eye-catching and full-ish, no one cares if they came straight from cataloguing or they're a few months old. :)
dear supermelanie and celandine, which libraries are you from and if you don't mind can you take photos of the display shelves and books ?
anymore inputs from others ?
I realize this is an old post, but am replying nonetheless. Our new books are kept in the front of the library on the bookshelves nearest the circulation desk. We shelve them as we shelve normal books, except that they are 7 day loan items and patrons can only check out one 7 day item at a time. We keep new items on the 7 day shelf for six months, then rotate them onto the regular shelves. During the slower months the 7 day shelves can become quite crowded. During the summer, which is our high season as we are a tourist community, they empty pretty quickly. In that case, I will display some books cover out to make the shelves look more full.