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Recently weeded?

Background: bootstrapped, self-taught collection manager in a small rural public. I know a lot of what works, but not a lot about the correct way to do things or how they are done in bigger systems, and sometimes I don't realize we have a problem until it smacks me in the face.

A volunteer who's sorting donations just brought me a book that we don't have and asked if he should add it to the "tentatively keep" pile - and I realized that it was the very same book I'd weeded LAST WEEK. It's not the first time I've looked at a donation and thought, "I'm sure we used to have that, but evidently we don't anymore. Hrm." Which makes me wonder if previously-weeded items do get added back in... and if we should do anything about it. Seems like a lot of staff labor wasted.

Do you keep track of titles recently weeded? For how long? What's the procedure? The first thing that comes to mind is just to run off a "titles to be destroyed" report before hitting the big red button on each weed batch, and then either 1.) physically filing those reports by classification category or 2.) merge them into one giant master spreadsheet by classification and date and then periodically purge entries before $-x date. Also seems like a lot of staff labor wasted on... things we got rid of because we don't want to waste our resources on them anymore.

It's a dilemma!
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