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Making a portfolio.

Hello everyone.

I am one of two librarians assigned to a very large elementary school. Due to budgetary reasons, I will probably not be at that school next year. While this is disappointing, I can accept this.

To prepare for my possible upcoming job search, I am making a portfolio of the work that I have done at the school. This will include screen shots of the websites and programs that I have demonstrated to the students, copies of the library homework that I had created, and a few photocopied pages of the book that the students had made under my supervision.

I would like to include a recording of me reading to the students; but am not sure how I can include this. Should I use a tape? Record it on a USB stick? Record it on a website and direct people to a URL? (If posting a reading online is the best option, there will be copyright issues.)

Any advice on how I should record the reading, and anything else I should put in the portfolio, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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