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Interview Help! :-) For Manager Position


If anyone could give me some great advice about interviewing for a management position, I would be greatly appreciative. :-)

I have been working at a branch library with my district for four years and they are interviewing for a beginning management position in a branch. Does anyone know what kind of questions will be asked? I'm really nervous and am not sure what I should prepare for. :-)

Thanks Bunches!
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It's not specifically library related, but read if you don't already. Alison Green's advice is fantastic... she also has a good ebook (or so I heard from those who I gave it to for presents) for finding a job.
Talk to people who are managers in your system now. The process for internal promotion can vary wildly from system to system.
I remember being asked questions like "What would you do if a patron was upset? How would you handle the situation if one of your staff called you over?" Or, "More than one of your staff want to take the same holidays off. How do you make it fair and equitable?"

So, a mix if customer-relations questions and HR questions.
When I was interviewing for my job, they asked questions like "how would you motivate your employees to do [insert job]?" And "how would you respond if you were called out to a desk to resolve a situation between a patron and your employee, and discovered your employee was in the wrong?" Study your library's mission statement and policy manual. Your answers obviously should be more than a reading of written policy, but it's always good to throw in a "well, [library's] policy states X, and to accomplish that I would take steps Y and Z" to show that you've done your homework.

Good luck!
Thank you everyone for all the great advice! I went through the interview and discovered two things. 1st, they didn't ask a single question I had prepared for and 2nd, it mainly focused on staffing and patron issues. So human resource based in a way. I think that there were two main reasons for this. I was already part of the district so asking some basic "get to know you questions," were perhaps unnecessary and you are going to be working with many different people so they would want to know how you would react. I wanted to reply a positive or negative about whether I was hired for the job or not, but they are looking at a long time frame so I wanted to let everyone know what had happened. Thanks again for all of the great advice, it was good experience and I know how to be better prepared next time. :-) Have a great week everyone!
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