Programming Help! :-)

Hello, I have recently been assigned to two libraries and am somehow supposed to serve two communities on a part time basis that requires full time work. This leaves me with very large and angry headaches. Anyhooo, I am looking for some tween/teen programming ideas that anyone has found successful that involve food, games, random odds and ends. I have a fairly substantial list myself but I am used to working with small children. I have to submit a reasoning on why my manager needs me to be available full time. So I am writing out a months worth of programs that can be presented to the age groups of 8-18yrs. Then of course the how, why, cost blah blah blah.

The other, important part of this is that one of the libraries I work at has an underserved community and is in a bad part of town. We are looking at programs to keep these kids engaged and out of trouble. So any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!
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Hundred Dresses 4th Grade Class help! please! :-)

Hey Awesome Librarians!

I am visiting a 4th grade class tomorrow and the teacher would like for me to work about 30 minutes with the kids on something based about the book Hundred Dresses by Estes. Normally, I consider myself a very intelligent and creative individual, however, it is tomorrow and the teacher just called and left a message today. (After having me call them consistently for a week and receiving no answer) Any ideas would be vastly appreciated! Thanks!

I have just thought of another idea...Does anyone have some really fun activities about bullying? I have some wonderful things about bullying and discussion topics for it but I'm looking for two or three activities. So far I have a kind of Simon Says game...Simon says everyone with brown eyes hop on one foot etc.

Drew Library's Methodist Center Digitization Project Tops 3,000 Images

Originally posted by bunnyjadwiga at Drew Library's Methodist Center Digitization Project Tops 3,000 Images
What do 3,000 old-time Methodists look like in one place? The Drew Library’s Flickr feed!

The staff of the Drew University Methodist Library has been digitizing several thousand folders of archived images to Flickr. The images date from the 18th century to the present and include a variety of persons affiliated with the global Methodist tradition. Pictures include educators, missionaries, ministers, and social justice advocates. Most of the images highlight individuals from the United Methodist Church tradition but many evidence individuals from lesser known Methodist-related denominations.

Scholars, teachers, and students looking for images to compliment their books, classroom presentations, or course papers will find the images useful as visual representations from history. The images can be viewed at the website link below and high resolution copies are available by contacting the staff of the United Methodist Archives and History Center. If you have questions concerning the project please contact Chris Anderson at

Link to project:

Percentage currently checked out?

Statistics whee!

I'm putting together some statistics for our Board of Trustees - begging for money to buy shelves, basically. One of the questions I'm running up against, and unable to answer, is: how much of the collection should actually be checked out at any given time? I'm talking snapshot, not turnover.

I can find this information for academic libraries, and I'm finding some really interesting chatter about crazy-high numbers at highly specialized and experimental suburban branch libraries (hey, Lone Tree!) but I can't find a realistic, typical best practice for small (under-10,000-pop, under-50,000-volume), nonspecialized, single-site public libraries.

Does anybody have a guideline for small publics? A source to point to would be GREAT, but anecdotal data is awesome too. Thanks!
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Library science degrees abroad?

So, I have a question which I've been searching on Google for the answer to no avail.

I'm looking into getting my MLIS degree in the next year or two. Originally my plan was to do the online courses from University of Pittsburgh but now my mind has been wandering. Would it be possible for me to get a library science degree in the UK and come back to the U.S. to obtain a librarian job? I simply have no idea if jobs will accept an MLS (or MLIS) if it's from another country. I'm sure it's not impossible, but I thought I'd ask anyways!

Also, any insight you have to share on applying for a library science degree abroad would be great. :)
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Interview Help! :-) For Manager Position


If anyone could give me some great advice about interviewing for a management position, I would be greatly appreciative. :-)

I have been working at a branch library with my district for four years and they are interviewing for a beginning management position in a branch. Does anyone know what kind of questions will be asked? I'm really nervous and am not sure what I should prepare for. :-)

Thanks Bunches!
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