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Drew Library's Methodist Center Digitization Project Tops 3,000 Images

Originally posted by bunnyjadwiga at Drew Library's Methodist Center Digitization Project Tops 3,000 Images
What do 3,000 old-time Methodists look like in one place? The Drew Library’s Flickr feed!

The staff of the Drew University Methodist Library has been digitizing several thousand folders of archived images to Flickr. The images date from the 18th century to the present and include a variety of persons affiliated with the global Methodist tradition. Pictures include educators, missionaries, ministers, and social justice advocates. Most of the images highlight individuals from the United Methodist Church tradition but many evidence individuals from lesser known Methodist-related denominations.

Scholars, teachers, and students looking for images to compliment their books, classroom presentations, or course papers will find the images useful as visual representations from history. The images can be viewed at the website link below and high resolution copies are available by contacting the staff of the United Methodist Archives and History Center. If you have questions concerning the project please contact Chris Anderson at

Link to project:
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Fascinating! I work in digitization so I have sent this news piece around to my colleagues. Thanks!