libsrevenge (libsrevenge) wrote in libraries,

Hundred Dresses 4th Grade Class help! please! :-)

Hey Awesome Librarians!

I am visiting a 4th grade class tomorrow and the teacher would like for me to work about 30 minutes with the kids on something based about the book Hundred Dresses by Estes. Normally, I consider myself a very intelligent and creative individual, however, it is tomorrow and the teacher just called and left a message today. (After having me call them consistently for a week and receiving no answer) Any ideas would be vastly appreciated! Thanks!

I have just thought of another idea...Does anyone have some really fun activities about bullying? I have some wonderful things about bullying and discussion topics for it but I'm looking for two or three activities. So far I have a kind of Simon Says game...Simon says everyone with brown eyes hop on one foot etc.
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