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Hundred Dresses 4th Grade Class help! please! :-)

Hey Awesome Librarians!

I am visiting a 4th grade class tomorrow and the teacher would like for me to work about 30 minutes with the kids on something based about the book Hundred Dresses by Estes. Normally, I consider myself a very intelligent and creative individual, however, it is tomorrow and the teacher just called and left a message today. (After having me call them consistently for a week and receiving no answer) Any ideas would be vastly appreciated! Thanks!

I have just thought of another idea...Does anyone have some really fun activities about bullying? I have some wonderful things about bullying and discussion topics for it but I'm looking for two or three activities. So far I have a kind of Simon Says game...Simon says everyone with brown eyes hop on one foot etc.
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This site looks like it has some fun ideas:
Thank you so much for your website link!!! I got a few good ideas there strait away! The visit was a bit rushed but I believe that they kids had fun. Thanks again!
Oh good! I'm glad you could use it. :)
I did read that book a very long time ago.

How about having the kids design outfits? If possible, accurate to the historical time period. Have the outfits be complete with headgear, shoes, bags, and other accessories. They can color them and all. If there is time, they can even be made 3D.

Just a suggestion.
Thank you so much for your reply. I did do a hurried theme about bullying, and while I know it wasn't my best in a rush, the kids seemed to have fun. Thanks again!