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New York Public Library Positions

Since all three New York City public library systems have recently been granted a whole lotta money in the NYC budget to ensure that all branch libraries are open six days a week, this is a good time to apply to library jobs in New York City.

If you live in the NYC area or are interested in relocating, and you're looking for a library job, you are encouraged to apply this summer, as the NYPL (and perhaps Queens and Brooklyn, though I can only speak for the NYPL) may also add extended hours starting in the fall, though this is still up in the air.

Positions within the NYPL are available for Librarians, Librarian Trainees (for those enrolled at least part-time in library school), Information Assistants (for those who have a Bachelors degree but are not enrolled in library school), and Library Clerks (high school diploma required). Unfortunately I have very little information about the specific needs for Queens and Brooklyn. Click on the links below for more information. Good luck for those who choose to apply!

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