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Interview Help Please =)

*waves* Hello! Newbie here...hope I'm doing this right.  If not, feel free to correct anything!

Anyway it would be wonderful if you guys can help me prepare for an interview I have with the Markham Public Library on Monday, for a Circulation Clerk position.  I want this job so bad, but I'm not really good at interviews...

How would you guys answer the generic questions such as the below, if you either work there already, or if you were to be interviewed for a similar position?  I find it easier to answer specific questions pertaining to the tasks than the standard ones.

1) Why do you want to work in a library?

2) Why should we hire you?

Also, the requirements for this position is surprising low, as you only need a high school diploma and some library experience.  Yet they pay you almost $18 an hour!  I'm wondering if the interview would be "easier" because of the low education requirement, or would the pay count more so they ask you harder questions...you know, "get your money's worth" lol.

Thank you so much in advance for any input! They are very much appreciated.
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