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I'm a children's librarian at a small branch in a large urban public library system. I've had issues for months battling the rest of the staff's negativity toward children and young adults. I've already made significant progress, but I've hit a road block. I *know* there has to be professional literature out there somewhere about ways to be welcoming to children and young adults. I've been scouring ala.org and looking in databases and such, and I'm sure I'll be able to find things if I keep looking -- but do you have any favorite resources on this topic? (I can find plenty of blog posts about "no shushing" and things like that. I want something that looks "official" so that I can show them to these people who have no clue.)

Also, how do you feel about the following "rules" in the library? Does your opinion differ for the children's room compared to the adult room? (I'm definitely not saying that I don't think *any* of these rules should be followed. I just want to see if there's any general consensus about these types of things.)

-NO cell phones in the library.
-NO chewing gum in the library.
-NO food or drink in the library.
-NO hanging out in the library. (You must be reading, using a computer, or using the library's resources in some other way.)
-NO checking out books or using the computers unless you have your library card with you. Even if you have picture ID.
-NO using the computers more than once a day. Even if there's no one waiting.

Input would be much appreciated, especially from children's librarians in public libraries.
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