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ResourceMate in a small public school?

I'm doing some research to help out my local school district, who had a catastrophic server failure and lost their ILS server and all backups over the winter holidays. They had been running the ancient Follett Circulation Plus package and are looking to start over, entirely from scratch, on something else. They've got a collection of 12-15k (we're not actually sure because the ILS is up in smoke!) at three sites.

We're hesitant to suggest an open-source package because, well, their IT people really aren't. They're looking at Insignia, which we're running at the public library here, but it's a little out of their price range (and, hey, if Insignia's too expensive, there's not a whole lot of other choices out there).

Somewhere they came up with ResourceMate as a possibility, and it looks like it might be perfect for them. Perfect enough to make me wary, because who sells an ILS for under a thousand dollars?

Does anybody have any experience with this package? Is it suitable for a public school setting?
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