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Making a portfolio.

Hello everyone.

I am one of two librarians assigned to a very large elementary school. Due to budgetary reasons, I will probably not be at that school next year. While this is disappointing, I can accept this.

To prepare for my possible upcoming job search, I am making a portfolio of the work that I have done at the school. This will include screen shots of the websites and programs that I have demonstrated to the students, copies of the library homework that I had created, and a few photocopied pages of the book that the students had made under my supervision.

I would like to include a recording of me reading to the students; but am not sure how I can include this. Should I use a tape? Record it on a USB stick? Record it on a website and direct people to a URL? (If posting a reading online is the best option, there will be copyright issues.)

Any advice on how I should record the reading, and anything else I should put in the portfolio, would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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March 12 2012, 16:04:02 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  March 12 2012, 16:05:52 UTC

I'm not sure about the best format for your recording, but you could record something that's in the public domain (presuming you're in the U.S.), like The Velveteen Rabbit, and that would avoid any copyright issues.
I would second public domain options, and maybe post it to a portfolio website, as well as including a DVD in the packet.

I would also include any planning tools, such as calendars, that you and your fellow librarian use to decide how to do programs and classes, any trainings you have done or attended, and any posters or flyers you made.
I vote you use a URL to direct people to your recording. I am sorry about the loss of your job but am glad you are optimistic and ready to jump back on the job hunting horse!