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a question on library directors

Hello: I saw an ad today for a library director. The requirements read, in part:
Bachelor's Degree with a Library Assistant Certificate or 9 credits in Library Science, or a willingness to obtain the desired credentials within a set time period.​ The successful candidate would have library or related business experience, management and interpersonal skills, computer skills, criminal background check, and be service oriented.​

Recently, I began volunteering at a local public library. The director there (who has both an MLS and a Ph.D., though the doctorate is not related to LIS), asked me if I had a BA (which I do). She mentioned some director's jobs would be opening up in our public system soon and that I might want to consider applying.

Also, a good friend of mine (who recently earned her MLS) has been working as a branch director for several years now. She started out as a circulation assistant, and a few months later voila, she was director of a branch. She has the same BA as I do, but managed a bookstore.

Can anyone clue me in on how someone can be a library director w/o an MLS? Why would an MLS NOT be required? This just seems odd to me.
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