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Library Lovers' LiveJournal

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Library Lovers
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We love libraries!
Join us for a lively discussion of any and all library issues. All you need to participate is an abiding interest in libraries. Use this as a weblog of library-related sites, a repository of references, and a catalog of anecdotes. Just keep it in the general vicinity of the topic of libraries ... and have fun!

One thing that is actively encouraged is mutual support and help. If you are a reference librarian and have gotten a question that has you completely stumped, drop it in the forum here and see if the rest of us can point you to a resource. If you are a cataloger and wish to know how others are handling certain ambiguities, ask. Current or prospective library and information science students, needing the advice of those who've been there, done that, let's hear from you. You get the idea. Let's help each other.

A few notes of business:

  1. Please "lock" your posts by using the "Friends" security level if you do not want them to be included in search engine results. (How do I do that?)

  2. Please use the LJ-Cut tag in order to limit the length of posts on the main index. Use <lj-cut> to have the link to the rest of your post read (Read More...) or <lj-cut text="click here for more"> to have it read (click here for more).

  3. Please shrink lengthy URLs with bit.ly, TinyURL, SnipURL, etc.

  4. Contact cygnoir and platypus if you want to advertise your library-related community or website. Spammed announcements, unauthorized ads, and off-topic posts will be deleted.

Here are some specific library-related communities that you might be interested in:

Here are some library-related RSS feeds:

This community was created by cygnoir, who is quite grateful to all the participating members, and especially to cpmcdill, who took excellent care of this place for many months. If you have comments or suggestions for this community, please contact the maintainers, cygnoir and platypus.
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